Home From London

It was gray and rainy when we left London for the long journey home. We left our flats at 10:30 am London time and arrived back in Binghamton just over 17 hours later (11 pm New York time). Thanks to Ben and Robin for picking us up at the airport and driving us to Binghamton. 

We certainly accomplshed a lot, including: The Museum of London, The British Museum, “Darkest Victorian London” and “Charles Dickens’ London” Walking Tours (Thanks, Richard and David!), The British Museum of Natural History, The Darwin Center, Canterbury and Canterbury Cathedral, Down House, The British Library, Westminster Abbey and Evensong, The British Symphony, Borough Market, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, The Banqueting House, The Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Oxford and the Harry Potter Tour, Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, Trafalgar Square, and several great class discussions. 

We took buses, and the tube, and train. And we walked and walked and walked. And on our Down House day we waited and waited and waited. 

Thanks again to the wonderful 2017 LIT 292 Class. You certainly made the most of our time in London. You were such a pleasure to work with and you handled some unexpected and difficult situations with resilience and a great attitude.  

I know we will all remember this experience and cherish the memories we made together. 

Here is a little video celebrating the amazing time we had together in and around London:



~ by Dr. Musa on June 8, 2017.

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