LIT 292 Days 6 and 7: Keeping Calm and Carrying On

Greetings from London!  Here are some updates from Sunday and Monday. We met very early on Sunday morning (7 am) to begin our long journey to Down House.  We took the tube to Victoria Station to take the train to Bromley South.  Unfortunately, trains were not running from Victoria and there was limited tube service from there.  We ended up walking to Blackfriars Station where you took a train to Bromley South.  In Bromley South, we waited for the 9:36 bus to Downe.  It never came.  Our only choice was to wait for the 10:36 bus to Downe.  That bus did not come either.  Sarah passed the time by buying candy called “fun burgers”. Some time after 11 am, a bus to Downe lumbered up.  We said goodbye to the section of Bromley South sidewalk we had been sitting on for hours, and took the bus to Downe.

After the bus dropped us off in the little village of Downe, we walked to Down House, the former home of Charles Darwin.  We toured the house and gardens and walked the sand walk. We also enjoyed lunch on the third floor of the house and Dr. Firenze read to us from Charles Darwin’s autobiography.  After a very pleasant day at Down House, we walked back to Bromley South to catch the 3:20 bus. It came on time, but due to a “signal failure” on the train line, we sat on the train station in Bromley South for hours. There were no fun burgers.  The power was eventually restored and we took the train back to Blackfriars.  Today was a pretty difficult travel day but once again the students were such great sports.  No one complained about all of the waiting around for tubes, trains and buses.

Although we arrived in London much later than we anticipated, Dr. Shepherd, Emily and Caleb were able to make it to their London “Harry Potter” walk, which they said was fantastic and really fun.  It was a long day with some travel challenges, but the students were great and we were all happy to head home for some well-deserved rest.

Today (Monday) was our final day in London and a “free” day for the students.  One group of students went to Oxford for another Harry Potter experience with Dr. Shepherd, while other remained in London with Dr. Firenze and Dr. Musa to visit sites such as The British Museum, The British Library,  The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, The Banqueting House, The Grant Museum, The Soane Museum and Trafalgar Square.

We ended the evening with a final class celebration at “The Plough” in our Bloomsbury neighborhood. We had a great time hanging out together and talking about all of our experiences here in London.  Tomorrow we will meet in the morning and take the tube to the airport for our flight home.  I think everyone is looking forward to being home tomorrow night.

Hopefully our trip home to New York goes better that our trip from London to Downe!  Thanks to the 2017 LIT 292 class for an unforgettable week.


~ by Dr. Musa on June 5, 2017.

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