Day 5 2017: Walking Dickens’ London

Greetings from London!  We met at 8 am in Russell Square for a class discussion.  We had a few more students who needed to discuss their theses ideas for their final papers, so we began with that.  After they were finished, we talked about our time in Canterbury and what we learned from visiting the Dickens Museum.  We also continued our discussion of the Darwinian themes that have been at the center of our class work and our experiences in London.

After our class we walked to Holborn Station to meet Dr. David Tucker, our guide for a walk through Dickens’ London.  Dr. Tucker started us off in a pub where he showed students a map of London as it was when Charles Dickens was born.  We then walked through the streets and alleys of Dickens’ London, seeing the inspiration for many of the scenes and characters so vividly represented by Dickens in his writing.

After walking with Dr. Tucker for a few hours most of us went to Borough Market for lunch.  Borough Market has been in existence for over 1,000 years.  There were many stalls, restaurants, and shops with just about every kind of food and drink you could imagine.  And lots and lots and lots and lots of people.

As for the rest of the day, we have a group going to the London symphony, others visiting the Tower of London, some planning to attend Evensong at Westminster Abbey, and others planning to meet for dinner.

Tomorrow morning we plan to leave London at 7 am to take a tube, a train, and a bus to the little village of Downe.  We will spend most of the day at Down House, the former home of Charles Darwin and his family.  Monday is a free day for the class, so we will be parting ways for a bit after our day at Down House.  We will meet up again on Monday evening for a final “Farewell to London” dinner celebration at The Plough.  There will not be a blog post tomorrow (Sunday) evening, but the blog will be updated with Sunday and Monday’s activities on Monday evening.

Cheers from London!



~ by Dr. Musa on June 3, 2017.

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  1. My thoughts are with you all. Stay safe my friends!!

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