Day 1 2017: Moving In and Museum of London

We made it to London! It was a long van ride from Binghamton to Newark.  Thanks to the traffic, it took about as long to drive to New Jersey as it did to fly to London! We took off at 10pm on Monday and arrived at 10 am on Tuesday morning, that is London time…we were all trying to ignore the fact that it was 5am “our time” and that we had been up for a very long time.  We collected our bags and made our way to the tube for the trip to Bloomsbury.  It was too early to check into our flats, but we were able to leave our luggage so that we could get on with our busy day.  We stopped for a quick lunch at The Onion on Sicilian Avenue and then hopped back on the tube to go to the Museum of London.

At the Museum of London the students did some research in different sections of the museum and then presented what they discovered to the class. In each section of the museum the students were looking for a fact or object that could be linked with the work we have been doing examining various Darwinian themes.  Sierra and Emma covered “Ancient London”, Emily, Inarra and Caleb looked at “Roman London”, Emily and Rachel examined “Medieval London”, Rebekah and Joe researched “War, Plague and Fire”,  Andrew and Kathryn visited “Victorian London”, and Alexander, Hanna and Marilyn investigated “Modern London”.  For example, the students discussed how aspects of the exhibits at the museum reflected elements of male-male competition, mate selection, and other themes regarding human nature.

After we finished at the museum we went back to the flats to give everyone time to move in and get settled.  We met up again at 7pm in Russell Square to go over our plans for tomorrow and to take a short walking tour of our Bloomsbury neighborhood.  Everyone was pretty tired, so we ended the evening at 8:30pm and made plans to meet at 9am tomorrow for another full and exciting day in London.  Drs. Firenze, Shepard and Musa appreciate the great attitudes that all of the students had during the long travel and the very busy day today.  This is a really great group of students and we are excited to spend the week working together.  Cheers from London!


~ by Dr. Musa on May 30, 2017.

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