London. We have arrived.

The 2013 LIT 296: Darwin, London and Literature Class, ready to travel to Newark Airport in the Biology Vans.


The charging stations were popular in the Newark Airport.


Ready to board the plane (with the other 330 passengers).


Making our way across the UK Border.


Baggage claim at Heathrow.



Getting ready to take the London Underground from Heathrow to central London.


Riding the tube.


Finally, we resurface at Holborn and have only a short walk to our flats.


After settling into our flats and having a brief rest, we met up outside and headed to the British Museum.


Before entering the museum, Dr. Firenze gave some history of the architecture and the museum collection.




Pairs of students were given an object from The Enlightenment Wing to research for a brief presentation. The students spent some time locating their objects and then took turns discussing the significance of “their” objects and how the object might fit into the themes of our course. Despite being tired, they did an outstanding job.

After entering the great hall, we went into The Enlightenment Wing.







After our time in The Enlightenment Wing, we left the museum for a brief walking tour of our Bloomsbury neighborhood. We ended our walk at “The Queen’s Larder”, a wonderful pre-Victorian pub. It was a great end to an exciting day!





Drs. Saraceno, Firenze and Musa are really excited about the spring 2013 LIT 296 class. We have added some new literature to the course (Chaucer and Shakespeare) and are looking forward to a deeper exploration of Darwinian Themes. Inspired by this, and the great job our students did relating objects from the Enlightenment to our course, Dr. Saraceno and Dr. Firenze decided to take our analyses one step further and incorporate some modern media into the course. They began with a delightful reenactment of the parent-offspring conflict that can arise when a child tries to hide an extraterrestrial from his parents.


Cheers from London! Tomorrow begins with class in Russell Square. In the afternoon we will enjoy a Dickens and Shakespeare walk and in the evening experience a private tour of the Dickens Museum.


~ by Dr. Musa on May 27, 2013.

2 Responses to “London. We have arrived.”

  1. I believe young alien Saraceno is simply upset given Sir Firenze is driving into oncoming traffic! He must not have paid adequate attention during the traffic lecture early on.

  2. The good Doctors’ reenactment of the parent-offspring conflict represents an early form of imprinting which will soon evolve into face planting.

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