Day 7: A Graduation in London

Our last day in London was warm and sunny. Yes, that makes seven in a row. There  are a lot of long-sleeved shirts that never even left the suitcase.  This morning was a free morning for the students and they made the most of it. Some students went to Buckingham Palace and saw the changing of the guard. Others visited museums or other parts of the city.  In the afternoon, we walked to The British Library. The Library is also a museum and the students were able to see everything from the Magna Carta, to Charlotte Bronte’s manuscript of “Jane Eyre”, to the Beatles original lyrics for “Yellow Submarine”. The students were impressed with the diverse items that were on display.

On the way to The British Library, Dr. Saraceno shows the students a former residence of Charles Dickens.

Approaching The British Library, there is a great view of St. Pancras Hotel in the distance.

Yep. The British Library.

Some of the students pose beneath Sir Isaac Newton.

Danielle, Lydia, Katelyn and Derek enjoy the British Library.

After The British Library, we headed out for our final class dinner. We also planned to have a “graduation” for Katelyn and Sara as they missed the BCC graduation on Thursday night.

The site of our final “class”, The Devereaux Pub.

Victoria, Gwen, Tash, Dani and Sarah.

Derek, Katelyn, Danielle, Lydia and Ryan.

Dr. Firenze enjoys a laugh with the students. They are laughing with him, not at him. I think.

The students reminisce about our week in London. Everyone is a little sad to be leaving.

OK. This is really breaking news: Tash ate a chicken sandwich. And there wasn’t even any icing on it. What the heck?!

After several meat pies and “codfathers” with chips, we headed outside for our graduation ceremony.

Sara and Katelyn, our esteemed graduates.

Danielle, Katelyn and Lydia.

Before beginning our ceremony, Dr. Saraceno complimented the students on what a wonderful job they did this week. Dr. Saraceno, Dr. Firenze and Dr. Musa are so impressed with this amazing group of students. Well done, guys!

Dr. Firenze presents Katelyn with her “diploma”.

Katelyn graduates!

Dr. Firenze says some appropriate words to Sara to mark this solemn occasion.

Sara graduates!

Yay! Graduating in Middle Temple is WAY better than graduating in a hockey rink.

Our graduates!

Our alumni traveler, Michael, is also a recent BCC graduate. Congratulations, Michael. Unfortunately, he does not look particularly scholarly in this photo.

Another successful Darwin and Dickens London trip!

Dr. Firenze seems to be enjoying this quite a bit. Again, not quite sure what to say.

Dr. Saraceno sidles into the picture.

Dr. Firenze, Tash and Dr. Saraceno.

Dr. Firenze, Gwen and Dr. Saraceno.

Dr. and Mrs. Firenze in Fountain Court.

The whole Darwin and Dickens Gang!

Dr. Firenze and Dr. Saraceno enjoy a quiet moment in Fountain Court.

Middle Temple on a wonderful Monday evening.

Leaving Middle Temple, we pass The Royal Courts of Justice.

Our last night in London means the last Olympic sports for Dr. Firenze and Dr. Saraceno. They decided to try a couple of team sports. One cannot help but notice that their inherent competitive nature seems to overcome any last vestige of their affection for each other.  I guess this is further support for the Darwinian theme of male-male competition.

Well, that is all from London for 2012. We will be making the long journey home tomorrow. Thanks for following and cheers from London!


~ by Dr. Musa on May 28, 2012.

3 Responses to “Day 7: A Graduation in London”

  1. I enjoyed following your trip in London, especially the Olympic competition!

    Sara’s Aunt

  2. The world record holding Jamaican 4 X 100 meters relay team anchored by Usain Bolt does not have a chance against the US team featuring Wing Nut Saraceno and Lug Nut Firenze.

  3. Greg, Jen & Rick: Congratulations for delivering great course. Once again, you have provided the students with a life changing experience. Bravo!

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