Day 5: Darwin Day!

Today was another beautiful day in London and we spent the day out in the English countryside at Down House,  the home of Charles Darwin. Below are some pictures from our day.

Ahhhh. Breakfast in London.

Another beautiful morning in Russell Square.

Once again, the students met us on time and ready for our adventures,

Victoria is enjoying her breakfast which appears to be some sort of small fruit pie.

Katelyn, Derek and Gwen

A view of Bloomsbury Square, across the street from our flats.

Riding the tube. Boy, does the tube get hot and crowded.

We arrived at Victoria Station for the second leg of our long journey to Down.

The students look around Victoria Station,

From Victoria Station, we took a train to Bromley South.

Ryan, Michael and Dr. Saraceno on the train.

Dani, Tash, Victoria, Gwen, Sara and Danielle on the train.

Andrew and Lydia.

Derek and Katelyn

We arrived in Bromley South. While waiting for the bus to Downe, Tash decides to purchase a sweet. She is hungry after having ice cream for breakfast.

The bus to Downe arrives!

Ryan, Katelyn and Lydia “enjoy” the bus to Downe.

On the bus to Downe.

Dr. Firenze and Dr. Saraceno on the bus.

We made it to Downe! Now we just have to walk to Down House.

Walking to Down House.

We are not in London anymore!

We must be getting close, there are no sidewalks any more.

It took a tube, a train, a bus and a walk but we finally made it!

Down House is surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Down House.

A group picture before we head inside of Down House.

Greg and Michael.

A view of the garden behind Down House.

Down House.

Before touring the house, Dr. Firenze lectured about Charles Darwin and read us some passages from his autobiography. We learned about Darwin’s life with his family in Down and his incredible contributions to science.

The students enjoy the fresh air and Dr. Firenze’s lecture.

Dr. Firenze tells us about Darwin and Down House.

Derek and Aunt Jen (AKA Dr. Musa) enjoy Darwin’s lawn.

We all spent some time inside Down House and were able to see many of Charles Darwin’s  personal and household possessions and learn more about his family life and work. Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed so there are no pictures from inside the house.

After touring Down House, we had a snack on the patio.

Danielle and Katelyn enjoy afternoon tea.

Andrew, Derek and Dr. Saraceno enjoy some scones and butter. Derek may have over-buttered his scone.

Dani, Sarah, Gwen, Victoria and Tash order some snacks.

Enjoying the beautiful afternoon at Down House.

Victoria enjoys some cake.

Tash and her ice cream. Talk about a sweet tooth!

The students protest when asked to go for a walk.

The class gathers to enjoy a walk through the gardens and Darwin’s “Sand Walk”.

A view of the gardens.

Darwin’s greenhouse.

The students check out the greenhouse.

Another view of the greenhouse.

Darwin’s greenhouse.

We arrive at the “Sand Walk”.

After a wonderful day at Down House, we get ready for the long trek back to London.

Lydia and Derek.

Katelyn and Dani.

The students explored the cemetery in Downe while waiting for the bus to Bromley South.

The church in Bromley South.

While waiting for the bus, we had class in the cemetery. Victoria and Tash presented their thesis ideas.

After class (when the bus arrived), we headed back to Bromley South on the bus. Somehow, the ride seemed longer and curvier on the way back. Then we took the train from Bromley to Victoria Station and then the tube back to our own neighborhood. Despite the busy day, many of the students made plans to visit a pub for dinner and do some more evening sight-seeing.

Dr. Firenze and Dr. Saraceno were not too tired to try another Olympic event. It was another hot day so they headed back to the pool for some water polo.

Unfortunately, Dr. Firenze did not realize that spiking the ball in your own teammates face is frowned upon and is not considered to be good sportsmanship.

Dr. Firenze did his best to console Dr. Saraceno, but I am sorry to say that Dr. Saraceno seems to be holding a grudge. I guess this is to be expected after Dr. Saraceno carried an injured Dr. Firenze off the mats last night. Let’s hope these two can patch things up.

Up tomorrow, a tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater and a visit to the Tower of London. In the evening, some students plan to take in the  “Jack the Ripper” walk. Check back tomorrow for an update!


~ by Dr. Musa on May 26, 2012.

4 Responses to “Day 5: Darwin Day!”

  1. Is it true that Dr. Firenze and Dr. Saraceno were the only two to arrive at the water polo venue with horses?

  2. Hi Jen…great job on the blog. Love the pictures and looks like a wonderful trip. Love Mom

  3. Bill, excellent!

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