Much Discussion and The Museum of London: Day 6

Our day began with a class meeting in Great Russell Square.  Five more students presented their theses ideas and we spent a few hours discussing them with regards to “Great Expectations”.

A cold morning in Russell Square. After about an hour, we moved our class indoors.We finished our class about 1pm and, after a brief break for lunch, headed over to the Museum of London.

Getting ready to head out to the Museum of London.


After a short tube ride, we arrived at the museum of London.

Dr. Firenze makes some suggestions about what exhibits the students may want to see at the Museum of London.

Dr. Firenze is still giving advice about what to see in the museum.

Some of us took a guided tour of the “War, Plague and Fire” galleries.  Our guide talked about what London was like from the 1550s until the 1660s. We learned about civil war and Oliver Cromwell, the bubonic plague and the “Great Fire of London”. This uplifting hour long tour provided facinating insight into the city’s history.

Our guide, Alejandro, talks about what the city of London looked like in 1550.

Jesse models a fire hat in the Great Fire of London exhibit.

Jamie, Mark, Brian, Magan and John enjoy the museum.

Mark, David and Jack at the Museum of London.

Jack, Mark, Dr. Saraceno and Kelsey at the Museum of London.

Magan, Jamie and Brian get ready to leave the museum.

After touring the museum, we made some evening plans.  Some students plan to ride the London Eye and others plan to take the “Jack the Ripper” walk.  Tomorrow is a “free day” in London and plans are being made to visit the zoo, Westminster, Hyde Park, Hampton Court Palace and the Globe Theater. As we will not be together as a group, there will not be an official blog posting until Monday (our final day in London). 

After a week of little sleep and lots of walking, everyone is feeling a little tired.  However, Dr. Firenze and Dr. Saraceno are still going strong.  They recently found the energy to attend a “Dancing With the Stars: UK Edition” audition.

Dr. Firenze (admittedly a huge fan of the show), wowed the judges with his dance moves.

After making it into the final round, he gave it his best and left it all out on the dance floor.

Thanks for making us proud, Dr. Firenze!


~ by Dr. Musa on May 28, 2011.

6 Responses to “Much Discussion and The Museum of London: Day 6”

  1. this blog is the highlight of our day! Lots of laughs along with much-appreciated updates.

  2. Lords of the dance – John Revolta and B. Hines.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE–love you-going to clean your room:):)

  4. happy birthday jesse love u mom

  5. jesse deb and frank say happy bday we r having a party in your honor u were born at 738 pm eastern standard time u world traveler cant wait to take u to thirstys

  6. Hope you had a great birthday, Jesse. We are enjoying following your trip. Love, Grandma and your aunt and uncles.

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