Day 3 in London.

We were greeted with another beautiful day in London as we headed out for Downe to visit the home of Charles Darwin.

Our trip to Downe (which is about 15 miles outside of London) began with a walk to the Holborn tube station.


We (and many others) descended into the depths of the London underground.


We arrived at Victoria Station to catch a train to Bromley. We took some time to admire this palatial structure which celebrates the triumph of Victorian industry.


In addition to the glory of Victoria station, some of the students were drawn to the Burger King.


Brian and David on the train to Bromley South.


Magan, Laura and Aaron on the bus from Bromley South to Downe.

Magan, Laura and Aaron on the bus from Bromley South to Downe.


The bus dropped us off at St. Mary's, a church attended by Charles Darwin and his family.


And after the bus, we walked through Downe to Down House.


On our way to Down House, we passed several lovely country homes and cottages.


Finally! Down House!


Darwin lived at Down House for about 40 years. The home is now a museum dedicated to his life and work.


Dr. Firenze read to us from Dickens's autobiography in the garden.


Darwin's study, the very room where one of the most influential nonfiction books ever published in the English language, "The Origin of Species" was written.


Darwin's garden.


Dr. Firenze and Justin relaxing at Down House.


Dr. Firenze in front of the greenhouse where Charles Darwin did many of his experiments.


We spent some time on the "Sand Walk" where Charles Darwin walked (and thought) each day.


Students enjoying the "Sand Walk".


After several hours at Down House, we headed back to the bus stop to begin the trip home.We made it back to the flats in time for a brief rest before heading out to Shakespeare's Globe Theater to see a play.


Crossing the Millenium Bridge on the way to Shakespeare's Globe for "Much Ado About Nothing".


The 'Groundling Gates' at the Globe.


Waiting for the show.


Jamie, Brian, Justin and Magan get ready to experience the show as 'groundlings'.


After an incredible show (and another long day), we made our way back across The Millenium Bridge towards St. Paul’s Cathedral.

After a long and exciting day, everyone was ready for a good night’s sleep.  Dr. Firenze, feeling sensitive about the reaction to his pajamas, switched to a more ‘masculine’ pair.  Unfortuntely, Dr. Saraceno only seemed annoyed by the new look.


~ by Dr. Musa on May 25, 2011.

5 Responses to “Day 3 in London.”

  1. Thanks for such great pictures. Glad you have sunny days for all the touring.

  2. Great blogging Dr. Musa! These pictures bring back many memories. I would love to be there with you right now. It looks like you’re having great weather and I hope that everyone is enjoying themselves! Best to all of you for the remainder of your trip.

  3. Glad to see Dr. Firenze has up graded to the latest in snuggie-ware. My guess is, Charles Darwin is now recalculating. As for Dr. Saraceno, what can I say other than “the dude abides.”

  4. Hi Jen, looks like all is going well. We miss you. Took Olivia for her dress…bought two!!!! The girls are doing great…Ruby too, took her for a nice walk…she pooped and peed. Love her. Olivia and Ally are coming over tonight for pizza. Have a great time…I’m a little jealous. Love you, Mom +

  5. Great job with the blog, has been sent to and being read my many! I think all us on this side of the pond wish we could be with you guys! Enjoy yourselves!!! :-).

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