Day 2 in London

We had a busy second day in London.  We began the day with class in Russell Square and then enjoyed a “Darkest Victorian London” walking tour.  We finished our day with a private visit to Charles Dickens’s former home which is now a museum.

This morning we began with class in Russell Square. It was a beautiful day here in London. We discussed the Enlightenment Period and how it set the stage for the Victorian Era. During our class discussion, we discussed how views of progress, innovation and humanity changed over the 18th and 19th centuries.


Dr. Firenze carries the morning coffee out before class (the very same coffee that Dr. Musa spilled moments after he safely delivered it to a table).


The class meets to head over to Monument for our "Darkest Victorian London" walking tour.


Navigating the tube station.

Monument, designed by Christopher Wren to commemorate the great fire of London in 1666.


Our guide, Jean, recreates the sights, sounds and smells of Victorian England.


As part of our walking tour we passed Southwark Cathedral, the oldest cathedral church in London.


Jean led us down some streets with Victorian Era buildings and described what life was like for the working poor.

Meat pies! (enough said.)


Jean described what life was like for Victorian Londoners.


We visited this Victorian burial ground where over 15,000 bodies were buried. Neighborhood residents decorate the fence in front of the area to honor those who were buried here.


These cottages were built at housing for working class Victorians. Today the garden in front of the cottages is enjoyed by many of the neighborhood residents.


Ever the best of friends.


The students pose in front of the Charles Dickens Museum.


Our guide Paul describes what life was like when Charles Dickens lived in this home.


Dickens wrote the words of his final unfinished novel (The Mystery of Edwin Drood) at this desk.


Jesse poses with his stone likeness.


The students enjoy some time in Dickens's garden.

After another long day, we headed back to the apartments for some rest.  Up tomorrow, a trip by tube, train, bus and foot to Down House, the former home of Charles Darwin and a trip to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater for “Much Ado About Nothing”. As our day comes to a close, there is one final thing that is worth noting. Although Dr. Firenze and Dr. Saraceno have many things in common, their preference for pajamas is not at all similar. 


~ by Dr. Musa on May 25, 2011.

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  1. I wondered where my blue pajamas went…

    Mr. Big asks, Gobble, where, gobble, is, gobble, gorilla, gobble, man, gobble, gobble, gobble?

    Squirley whirley asks, hey, anybody home…where is my peanut man?

    Chipmunk gang says, hoover, hoover, hoover!

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