Day 4 in London: Part 1 – The Early Edition

We met bright and early this morning for our very special BCC graduation in London.  On our way to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, we stopped by St. Paul’s Cathedral for a few quick pictures on the front steps.

We crossed the Thames on The Millenium Bridge on our way to The Globe.

Our graduation celebration:

The students rested on the steps in front of the Groundling Gates at Shakespeare’s Globe, the site of our graduation ceremony.  Queen Elizabeth II entered through this gate when she officially opened the rebuilt theater in 1997.

The Ceremony:


Below you will find some images from our graduation celebration.

Drs. Firenze, Saraceno and Musa.

Our BCC graduates: Caroline, Sara, Colin, Lisa, Erica and Maegan.  We are so proud of you!!

Two BCC DH students congratulate the graduates back home.

Enough with the pomp and circumstance…time to get out of those robes and tour the Globe! 

Our guide, Val, provided us with a vivid picture of what it was like to attend the theater during Shakespeare’s time and what to expect when we attend this afternoon’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

Inside the Globe we were allowed to take pictures while Val told us about the theater and how it was carefully designed to recreate an experience close to what theater-goers would have enjoyed during Shakespeare’s time. 

Natural light enters through the open roof.  This was the light source for plays during Elizabethan times.  It is quite a different experience to see a show where everyone, actors and audience, can be clearly seen.

If the flag is flying – there will be a play today!

The students pose with our guide, Val, after the tour.

Stay tuned for Part 2 – “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and a tour of Dickens’ House.


~ by Dr. Musa on May 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Day 4 in London: Part 1 – The Early Edition”

  1. I miss everyone, see you on Monday!

  2. Jen, nice job on the blog. I think the video clips really add significantly.

  3. Congratulations to Caroline, Sara, Colin, Lisa, Erica and Maegan.
    Now onward and upward.

    Greg, Jen and Rick: Graduation – excellent! The 3 amigos – one class act.

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