It’s Dickens! It’s Darwin! It’s London! It’s the Spring 2008 LIT 292 Class!

The Spring 2008 LIT 292, Darwin and Dickens: Science and Literature in VIctorian England class has been working very hard all semester and is ready to head across the pond for a Victorian adventure.  With only two weeks remaining until we leave for London, the students are formulating their theses, finishing their reading and thinking about what (and what not) to pack.

Course instructors Drs. Firenze, Musa and Saraceno are delighted and impressed with our current group of students and we are very excited to explore London (past and present) together.  We also look forward to the first ever BCC Graduation in London.  We have six students in our group that will be graduating from BCC this spring and we plan to hold a very special graduation ceremony to make up for the fact that they will miss the ceremony in Binghamton.

Here is a brief introduction to our Spring 2008 LIT 292 class (otherwise known as the “excellent eleven”):

Colin Brown.

Graduation in London?  Sign me up!!  Truthfully, the main reason I signed up for this course is because the idea of traveling to a city like London with professors such as the three that will accompany us – Dr. Firenze, Dr. Musa and Dr. Saraceno –sounds like an amazing, interesting and worthwhile opportunity.


Jimie Jo Baird.

I am a thirty-one year old dental hygiene student who loves to travel and experience life to the fullest.  Nature, music and art play a large role in my life and I am always in favor of broadening my horizons.


Margo Zodikoff.

I heard about this course during my biology class and immediately became interested.  I have never been to London before so I knew it would be a great learning opportunity.  In the class I learned so much more about the Victorian time period than I had in mind and it was wonderful.  After being consumed by the work of my dental hygiene courses, it was a nice change to be able to think about information instead of just being told “this is how it is”. I would really recommend this course to anyone willing to learn and open their eyes to a different culture and time period of a great literary writer such as Dickens!  If it wasn’t for this course, I never would have thought that biology could apply to works of literature.


Maegan Petkash.

I am from Greene, New York and I major in Music Education. I thought it would be interesting to combine learning and traveling.  The lectures are always interesting and being able to experience another culture is a bonus.


Erica Dropp.

I have just completed a Liberal Arts degree.  I have never been overseas before and I have always wanted to go to London.  I’m quite confident that Drs. Firenze, Saraceno and Musa will be just the right people to go on this adventure with.  Thanks for a stellar class experience.


Caroline Millen.

I went to Binghamton University for two years and am finishing my last semester at BCC with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts.  This is my first time going to London as well as my first time flying in an airplane. I’m so excited and it will be a great experience.


Brandon Bilka.

I am a 2003 graduate of Vestal High School and currently a science major at BCC.  I am also a United States Marine Corp veteran.  I have always wanted to travel to England. I went to the Florida Everglades with the BCC biology department and enjoyed it.  I have only been outside the U.S. for combat deployment.


Ruth Caforio.

I am eighteen years old and a Liberal Arts student.  I hope to go on to law school at Harvard University and become a lawyer.  I am taking this course because it looked really interesting.  I lived in England for three years and want to go back.  I am the kind of person who loves to meet new people and have fun.


Sara Doty.

I am taking this course because it is a great opportunity to experience another culture and get credit for doing it.  I am also interested in Charles Darwin, his theory of evolution and I enjoy reading.  This is also a great opportunity to live with many people I’m not used to, giving me a good experience for when I go away to college.  I think I will gain from this experience in many aspects.


Lisa Daly.

After graduating Phi Theta Kappa from BCC I will be attending Decker School of Nursing at Binghamton University (Fall 2008). I have enjoyed my experience at BCC and look forward to me future academic endeavors.


Megan Ovadek.

I am a creative person and always trying to express my thoughts.  “It is better to be loved for who you are, than who you are not” is my favorite saying to go by.


We set out for London on Sunday, May 18th.  We look forward to sharing our adventures and experiences each day of the trip.  




~ by Dr. Musa on May 3, 2008.

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  1. Upon hearing about this trip from Dr. Musa, I wish I was back at BCC again! I wish you all a safe and wonderful trip and I look forward to seeing the pictures and reading about your upcoming adventure!

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