Home Safe and Sound (and Tired)

After many hours of traveling we have all returned home safe.  Many thanks to Mark and Jeff for picking us up at the airport in New Jersey and driving us home late last night (or early in the morning for those of us on London time)!    

Below are some final images from our last hours in London. 

Somehow, despite a very busy schedule, the students found the time to do a good deed and have a positive impact on our neighborhood.  


After viewing some posters for a lost cat in the vicinity of Dickens House, the students found the cat (!) and returned it to the grateful owner.  Who says all Americans are rude and obnoxious?

Below are some pictures from Russell Square the morning of our departure.





Jenn, Olga and Pam


Erica, Mike and Mary (#2)


Jessica, Sean, Mary (#1) and Corey


Savannah, Carrie and Sarah


Dr. Firenze, Dr. Musa and Dr. Saraceno


Erica and a pigeon friend.  It took her all week but she finally caught one!  Not pictured: Pam and her antibacterial hand gel


Dr. Firenze expertly performing the final sorting the keys.  It wasn’t raining but we did have a plane to catch!


One final view of Bloomsbury Square from the student’s apartment.

Although we are home our class is not over.  Students are preparing their final projects and we will have another update after our next class meeting. 



~ by Dr. Musa on June 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “Home Safe and Sound (and Tired)”

  1. Here’s a big thank you to all the people responsible for this course. Especially thanks to Dr. Firenze, Dr. Saraceno, and Dr. Musa it was an amazing to discuss these topics with such intelligent and knowledgeable individuals. I was wonderful experience. I love London and I’m planning to go back as soon as I can. Also thank you for reading this blog. I will be available to sign autographs by appointment.jk

  2. Sooo…Erica. You could catch a pigeon, but you couldn’t catch me a Brit Boy??? LOL…glad ur home safe and sound.

  3. Drs. Firenze, Musa & Saraceno, you are gems.
    Thank you for your tireless preparation, your dedication to the success of your students and your attention to every detail. Thank you for your experience and expertise, of which both have ignited new ideas and interests deep within. I did not leave London the same person I arrived as. I left London with an increased desire to seek, to ask, to question, to wonder and learn. I shed my inhibitions, I let down my guard, I tasted life, I touched history, I laughed harder than I have in years. Although we only spent days together, the experience will last a life time.

    “Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself.”
    – Chinese Proverb

    Thank you, Professors, for opening a new door.

    I am indebted to all my new friends – each one of you taught me something I never knew or considered before. I will never forget the moments we all shared.

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