Day 4 in London

Our fourth day in London began with a class meeting at the cafe in Russell Square near our apartments.



Students received their topics for the final class project and Dr. Firenze led a discussion about Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection.  We discussed why this theory is so powerful both scientifically and culturally. 

After our morning discussion, we traveled by rail to South Bromley on our way to Charles Darwin’s home, Down House.


Sarah, Pam, Carrie, Savannah, Jenn and Olga wait for the bus to Downe in downtown South Bromley.


Corey and Sean enjoy the sites in South Bromley.


Dr. Saraceno attempts to calm an excited Dr. Firenze when the bus to Downe finally arrives.  Keep in mind, this man has Darwin’s name on his license plate!


Down House!


We toured Down House and learned about Charles Darwin’s home life and family. However, we were only allowed to take photographs outside.


Pam and Jenn


Sean, Jessica and Mary (#1) take some time to smell the roses.


After walking the “Sand Walk” at Down House, Dr. Firenze reads from Charles Darwin’s autobiography.  The opportunity to tour the naturalist’s beloved home and gardens made a strong impression on all of us.



Darwin’s gardens and greenhouses.


The students take a moment to rest before heading back to London.

After returning to London, we headed to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater for an evening performance of Othello


The students wait in line for the play.  We were able to experience the play as “groundlings” just like the common folk did in Shakespeare’s day.


The “Darwin and Dickens” groundlings await the show.


Although we were not allowed to take pictures during the performance, this photo taken at intermission shows a view of the theater right up to the open thatched roof.

The play was wonderful and we all enjoyed the experience very much….although there were some sore legs and feet because groundlings can’t sit down!

Cheerio from London!  Up next, after a morning class we plan to attend the Evensong at Westminster Abbey.


~ by Dr. Musa on June 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Day 4 in London”

  1. Hey, more pictures of Erica!! and Michael too! 🙂 Mike, we gave the blog URL to your father so he can see too. He called to see if we heard anything from you guys. Samantha wants to know more about the play – of course it was wonderful, it was Shakespeare, but what was it like?? All is well on the farm, the irises are blooming, and I’m sure the baby cows are missing Erica… 🙂 Have fun, come home safe!

  2. Jen, great photos and captions – you are really capturing the spirit of the trip.
    I hope Dr. Saraceno was successful in getting tickets to the hottest concert in London. That new group, The Flopsons, are in town on the first leg of their “T’is neither here nor there” world tour. They are the talk of the UK. I know you have been discussing them but perhaps, not in that context. It has to be a spectacular show with Dolge “Slow Hands” Orlick on lead guitar, Bently “Bad A” Brummle on base, Phillip “The Pip” Pirrip on keyboard, Abel “Sticks” Magwitch on drums and, of course, Jaggers handling the vocals. Incidentally, they originally billed themselves as U1 but, for whatever reason, the name never caught on.
    Hey! If you think the licence plate is something, you should see the tattoo.

  3. Globe Theatre huh? Did not Bill Shakespeare rhyme something about the whole world is but a stage, and the people are the players? I don’t know. However, Ms. Schofield I’m sorry you hear you missed it. See you home soon. 😉

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