Day 3 in London

Day 3 in London began with sunny skies, warmer weather and a trip to Victoria Station to book a train to Dickens World in Chatham (Dickens’ childhood home). 


Dr. Firenze provides some history about Victoria Station.


After a forty minute train ride from London, Savannah, Jenn, Mary (#2) and Carrie enjoy a stroll through downtown Chatham.


Dr. Firenze and Dr. Saraceno make an unsuccessful attempt to be the first to arrive at Dickens World.


We arrive at Dickens World!


Carrie has a close encounter with a Victorian lad outside of Dickens World.


Jessica, Sean and Mary (#1) have some fun in line for London’s “longest, dark boat ride”.


Drs. Firenze, Musa and Saraceno suit up for London’s longest, dark boat ride which is also (presumedly) the wettest.


Mary (#2) and Sarah board the boat.


Dr. Firenze exhibits hilarity that is an obvious and thinly veiled attempt to disguise his panic over being confined to a small space while waiting in line to participate in the long, dark boat ride.

Although we had some fun, Dickens World disappointed.  The experience was not educational and the long, dark boat ride was not particulary long or dark.  The experience is possibly best summed up by a quote from ‘Our Mutual Friend’ Mike, “Although we had ‘Great Expectations’, Dickens World turned out to be a ‘Bleak House’.  Oh well, you win some and you lose some.


Olga, Carrie, Pam, Jenn and Savannah wait for the train back to London.

After returning to London we split into two groups.  One group headed for Buckingham Palace and the other to a cruise on the Thames.  On the way, we saw several magnificant London sites.


Westminster Abbey


Big Ben, a really big bell in a really big clock!




Tower Bridge


Tower of London

 Our day ended with a trip to the Devereaux Pub.



Tomorrow: A trip to Down House (Darwin’s home) and The Globe Theater for a performance of Othello!


~ by Dr. Musa on May 31, 2007.

5 Responses to “Day 3 in London”

  1. Ah, Othello, the classic Skahespeare tale about…um…Othello!!! Have more fun, Erica!!! Lurve to ya!! WEhy aren’t u in any of the pics???

  2. Hey Carrie–looks like you’re having a great time!! I’m so jealous!! Glad to see you with a pint in hand, too 😉 Have you bought my Burberry trench yet? Okay, okay, just then new summer fragrance will do.. 🙂 Love ya!

  3. Hey mom looks like so much fun! and your picture of the tower of london is perfect! (just cut out the guy) love ya

  4. I must come to the defense of my dear friend, Dr. Firenze, with regard to his “thinly veiled attempt to disguise his panic” as he boarded the long, dark boat ride. I have personally seen this man unflinchingly confront death defying rides and laugh in the face of danger. His undaunted courage as he strapped himself into the cockpit of the Dumbo, Flying Elephant Ride in Fantasyland at Walt Disney World was something to behold.
    “And now for something completely different,” in the last photo above, one person appears to be entirely too happy.

  5. All in ponchos and on a boat in London? “Hail Britania! Britania on the Seas!” Mary you look Right Lovely!

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