Day 2 in London

The Darwin and Dickens sixteen limped back to our apartments tonight after an exhilerating and exhausting day! 

9 am, 1 Bloomsbury Place


The Drs. Firenze, Saraceno and Musa discussed the nature and importance of the Enlightenment.

10 am, The British Museum



On but the morning of the second day, Dr. Saraceno seeks divine guidance (or – better yet – the nearest pub).


Olga and Jenn


Dr. Saraceno hopes Dr. Firenze will stop talking about Darwin in time for our tour of the Enlightenment wing.


Our tour guide, Robert Gwynne, explains that science and rationalism flourished during the Enlightenment.  Mr. Gwynne showed us some examples from the Museum’s collection that illustrated the beginnings of biological classification of plants and the birth of the sciences of paleontology and archaeology.  We also discussed Copernicus and the scientific revolution.

1 pm, The Natural History Museum





Rose. Thorns. (We know, we know.)


With the Director of Education at the Natural History Museum we discuss the social, political and educational distinctions between Great Britian and the United States relative to the “Great Debate”.

We were also allowed a private tour of the new Darwin Center at the Museum but were not allowed to take photos during this tour.  We saw some of the over 22 million specimens in the Museum’s collection, including an 8.6 meter giant squid and some of Charles Darwin’s original collections made during his 1831-1836 voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle.  Included in our tour was a view of the Museum’s Dermasterium where flesh-eating beatles are used to expose the skeletons of delicate specimens.  No students were harmed during this process.  Although we were tempted to throw Sean into the vat, fortunately (or otherwise) he was otherwise engaged with a shark’s jaw.


6pm, Charles Dickens’ London Walk


Our very knowledgeable and entertaining guide, Dr. David Tucker.


Dr. Tucker points out the oldest architectural inscription in London – above the entrance to one of the City’s oldest public houses.


Pip’s (aka, Philip Pirrup’s) Temple digs.

Our London walk led us to our home neighborhood and everyone headed home for some well deserved R&R.

Next up: Dickens World!


~ by Dr. Musa on May 31, 2007.

6 Responses to “Day 2 in London”

  1. Jen – Private tour of the Darwin Center?? I’m so jealous! It looks like everyone’s having an awesome time… just sad I couldn’t go 😦 Take care!

  2. Glad your all learning and having fun. I bit jealous here. All well see you soon.

  3. FLASH!!!! The Westminster Abbey Sunday Evening Chorus will feature Dr.Firenze, Dr. Musa and Dr. Saraceno performing a highly moving rendition of “Eleanor Rigby” and “Help.” This will mark Dr. firenze’s second appearance with the Chorus.
    The course looks and sounds awesome. Jen terrific job with the Blog. Erica, please keep your leaders out of trouble.
    Rock on!

  4. Look forward to welcoming y’all down here soon, then. Don’t think you’ll be disappointed by Dickens World… just make sure you guys come pay us a visit when it’s time for lunch 🙂

    – Law @ “The Six Jolly Fellowship Porters” bar/restaurant, Dickens World

  5. Wow, first off, great page Jen, I felt like I was there. nice use of brown. Secondly, it looks like you guys are having an amazing time over there, bring me back some tea. Give the good doctors my best. See you when you get back to our side of the pond!

  6. Hi Mommy…
    How is your trip going? Do you miss me?
    I miss you a lot!!!!

    Love Ally

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